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Offshore PSP vs Local PSP

During my 13 years of experience I have used around 10 different credit card and online check processors. Only two of them were offshore. one of them (based in London) bankrupted in year 2000. There were $40000 in the account.

Porn PSP as a complete payment solution

In this post I will cover the option of using the PSP company as your complete payment solution for processing credit cards, online checks and telephone payments. I personally recommend this option for small scale porn site owners. processors like

Porn IPSP as Gateway Only

If you decide to use one of the IPSP as a payment gateway only you have to account for the following: 1. You have contact the IPSP and ask them for the list of the banks they work with and

Porn IPSP Types

The porn IPSP (Internet Payment Service Provider) is not a bank. This is a company that has a software that processes the customer’s credit card and puts the money in a merchant account with the merchant bank they work with.

My Porn PSP General Info

My name is Melinda and I have been working as a webmaster in the Adult Entertainment Industry for 13 years. i am starting this blog as I feel I need to post my experience with the different PSP I have