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Zombaio Releases funds from new transactions

A quick update. I received a couple of transfers from Zombaio after more than a month waiting. The transfers reflect funds from new transactions only (generated after the transfer of Zombaio to a new owner). The balance that I had

No Payments from zombaio for months

I used the online chat and talked to them, but the representative did not know when the old payouts will be sent/cleared. Regarding the newly generated transactions, they said  that they will be sent every week, after two weeks withholding

Zombaio official transfer announcement

Got this email a week ago. Was too busy to post it. Looks like Zombaio is officially owned by Paynet Systems based in Belize. There are a couple of important lines concerning paying their customers.  What I understand is that

Paynet Systems Bought Zombaio

On November first I logged in to Zombaio’s admin and found out that there is a new interface and new owner – Paynet Systems. I briefly visited their website and found out that they are based in Georgia, USA. The

An email from Zombaio’s VP

This is a copy of the email I got this morning from Zombaio’s VP. My processing with Zombaio is very small and I do not pay close attention regarding the timing it takes to receive payments from them. I think

Zombaio Changing Terms

I just god a statement from Zombaio regarding the payment delays happening during the last 6 months. I am going to post the whole statement here. I would like to comment that the changes they are making are positive and

Zombaio Payment Delays

Since the beginning of 2014, Zombaio has major delays in sending their payment via ACH (electronic check). I can not comment on the other payment methods they provide for their merchants. What I noticed is that unless you contact them