No Payments from zombaio for months

I used the online chat and talked to them, but the representative did not know when the old payouts will be sent/cleared. Regarding the newly generated transactions, they said  that they will be sent every week, after two weeks withholding period, starting November 1st. My account has generated transaction during November, but I have not received anything this month. Its already the end of the month. here is the email I got from Zombaio yesterday. I will keep you posted.


Settlement Reports

Dear Client,
There was a bug in our new platform that felt to show itself this morning during the creation of payout reports. The period and settlement dates was wrong in the report. All reports and settlements are pulled back and new ones will be created tomorrow morning.

We apologise for this and hope it did not cause too much trouble.

Best Regards
Zombaio Operations Department


Adult Webmaster

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  1. This is an update to this post. I began receiving payments on regular basis. It takes more than a month to get the payment via direct deposit to my checking account. They have been consistent for a year already. The balance I had with the old owner of Zombaio is still not payed.

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