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CCBILL Merchant Connect

CCBILL introduced a new option to their clients recently. The option is called merchant connect. here is their intro: Much like the affiliate model, Merchant Connect empowers a linking between different CCBill merchants to offer their content, services and/or goods

Ccbill Flex Forms

Recently CCBILL released their new FlexForms. I have copied the email below. It sounds really exciting. I will try them out and post my opinion soon. About FlexForms FlexForms is now in open beta and with its multiple inherent features,


After using FlexStats for 3 months I can say that if you need more detailed information for all kinds of transactions and periods, presented in charts this is the way to go. Though if you need a quick glance at

Ccbil admin FlexStats

Right after my previous post CCBILL changed their main admin page to reflect their new graphical reporting system FlexStats. I have posted a picture below. I personally do not like the new main page reporting, but they have left an

CCBILL Admin Main Page

In this post I will focus on the CCBILL admin interface, specifically the main page. As you can see from the picture below, everything is self explanatory. Each site has an assigned sub-account and if you need to manage settings

CCBILL as porn PSP

CCBILL is my favorite PSP. Unfortunately they did not approve all my pay sites. I process with them for 10 years already and with exception of 2-3 times they have transferred my funds on time. I like CCBILL mostly because