CCBILL Merchant Connect

CCBILL introduced a new option to their clients recently. The option is called merchant connect. here is their intro:

Much like the affiliate model, Merchant Connect empowers a linking between different CCBill merchants to offer their content, services and/or goods to the base of CCBill merchants through its simple-to-use online interface. Designed to simplify and secure the purchase process while increasing revenue, Merchant Connect can link a merchant’s traffic to other merchants automatically. It is a network of businesses that choose to do business together. Clicks and sales are tracked and pay-per-sale, revshare or custom compensation models can be applied between merchants. CCBill tracks the sales, manages the traffic and can even settle payouts, so you can stay focused on running your business.

I have mixed feelings about this network. One one hand its good for people that do not produce content, but run traffic networks. Why would I offer my customers a third party products and leak traffic to other websites? What about my affiliates that send traffic to me? Would they be credited for purchases made through this network?

Basically this network looks like a swap meet for merchants, who actually are competitors in the porn market. The only positive thing is that it runs under the umbrella of CCBILL, which can insure proper and on time revenue payments.

when I have a chance I will research more about it and post my opinion. So far I do not see anything positive for my niche driven network of sites.


Adult Webmaster

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