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Epoch Stops Paying Affiliates

I am too busy lately and barely have time to sleep, so I completely forgot about this blog. Here is an update on Epoch. They stopped paying the affiliates a couple of months ago. The affiliate program still works and

Zombaio Releases funds from new transactions

A quick update. I received a couple of transfers from Zombaio after more than a month waiting. The transfers reflect funds from new transactions only (generated after the transfer of Zombaio to a new owner). The balance that I had

No Payments from zombaio for months

I used the online chat and talked to them, but the representative did not know when the old payouts will be sent/cleared. Regarding the newly generated transactions, they said  that they will be sent every week, after two weeks withholding

Zombaio official transfer announcement

Got this email a week ago. Was too busy to post it. Looks like Zombaio is officially owned by Paynet Systems based in Belize. There are a couple of important lines concerning paying their customers.  What I understand is that

CCBILL Merchant Connect

CCBILL introduced a new option to their clients recently. The option is called merchant connect. here is their intro: Much like the affiliate model, Merchant Connect empowers a linking between different CCBill merchants to offer their content, services and/or goods

Paynet Systems Bought Zombaio

On November first I logged in to Zombaio’s admin and found out that there is a new interface and new owner – Paynet Systems. I briefly visited their website and found out that they are based in Georgia, USA. The

Zombaio Sold

Zombaio has a new owner now. I got an email from the VP today. I copied it below. Hopefully the new platform offers more payment options… A message from our VP Dear Client, As announced per 2014-10-06 I announced a

Ccbill Flex Forms

Recently CCBILL released their new FlexForms. I have copied the email below. It sounds really exciting. I will try them out and post my opinion soon. About FlexForms FlexForms is now in open beta and with its multiple inherent features,

An email from Zombaio’s VP

This is a copy of the email I got this morning from Zombaio’s VP. My processing with Zombaio is very small and I do not pay close attention regarding the timing it takes to receive payments from them. I think


After the change of terms from 2 weeks ago (please check my previous post regarding Zombaio), I have not received any payments from them. I talked to customer support and they said that all payments have delays currently. They also