Zombaio Changing Terms

I just god a statement from Zombaio regarding the payment delays happening during the last 6 months. I am going to post the whole statement here. I would like to comment that the changes they are making are positive and hopefully their business model gets more stable. I also would like to say that it will be great if they implement the Bit Coin payment option (look at the bottom of the statement). I will keep you posted what the situation with Zombaio is.


Dear Zombaio Client,

As I am sure you have noticed, we have been experiencing more problems than usual in paying out on time recently and many people have speculated (as they have done for years) that we are on the verge of going out of business.

Whilst we understand that many of you have lost money when other processors have gone out of business in the past, and that you understandably get nervous when payments are late, we want to assure you that our problems are temporary and a knock on effect of issues our main acquirer had with their USD settlement and exchange bank which meant that their settlements to us were quite significantly delayed.

We tried to keep things going as best as we could from our reserves during this period, but this caught us a little unaware, and it has taken time for us to straighten things out which I am pleased to say that we now have and we should be able to bring everybody”s settlements fully up to date during the course of next months.

We will however need to make changes ongoing if we are to avoid falling back in this hole. When we first came to the market we tried to give both the best rates and the fastest payouts and we now know that unless you have a much greater share of the market than we do, and a faster settlement than our acquirers are able to give us, this is quite an impossible model to sustain.

Consequently, we have decided to stop trying to be the cheapest AND the fastest and concentrate on being a reliable low cost processor which of course means we need to change our terms of business.

Rather than just giving people the choice of accepting our new terms or finding a new processor, we have decided to come up with 3 different pricing/settlement models that we are confident we can deliver ongoing and that we hope at least one of which is workable for your business.

The choices are as follows:

1. Monthly – settlement around 20th of the month for previous months transactions. 1.2% decrease in our normal fees
and usual 5% rolling reserve.

2. Bi-Weekly settlement periods. Paid out around 20 days after period end. We will continue to offer existing rates and
usual 5% rolling reserve.

3. Weekly settlements. Paid out around 20 days after period end. Normal rates increased by 3.5% and rolling reserve
increased to 10%

All of these options will continue to free of any annual card fees and it is our intention to switch to these new terms on 1st June.

Your account will by default be changed to the monthly payouts option with your processing rate automatically reduced by 1.2% but if you prefer to change to the bi-weekly payouts option at your existing rates or our weekly payouts option at the premium rate with the increase in reserve, all you have to do is logon to ZOA after 1st June and make the switch in “change banking details”.

I very much regret that we have to make these changes, but I feel that going forward, it is important that you can count on Zombaio the way you used to be able to in the past.

Our interest in this business is long term, and whilst I accept that we have made mistakes in the past, a lot of these have come from us trying to improve the service that we offer. We were the first processor to offer settlement to a prepaid card, and we were the first to offer EU payment by ACH. It has not been without problems of course, but we will keep working on these things until the problems disappear.

In addition, we will shortly be adding some exciting new payment options for your customers. These include SEPA Debit, SOFORT banking and BitCoin. For CAM sites we will add a new API for card on file debits which we have been testing with very good results during the last few months.

We will continue to try new ideas, but in the future, we will try to do so without impacting on the efficiency of our core operation.

We really are sorry for any inconvenience and stress our unreliability recently has caused especially if you have reached out to Support or to me personally and not received the answer or action that you were looking for. I hope that you now understand a little better our situation and will give us a chance to earn back your trust over the coming months. If anything in this email is not clear or if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Best regards,

Tomas Anderson
VP, Zombaio LLC

Message sent from Zombaio Notification Center – Please do not reply!

Zombaio Payment Delays

Since the beginning of 2014, Zombaio has major delays in sending their payment via ACH (electronic check). I can not comment on the other payment methods they provide for their merchants. What I noticed is that unless you contact them regarding the missing payment, they will not send it. Not to mention that normally it takes them over a month by default to send you the payment…Hopefully this is not an early warning for more serious financial issues with Zombaio. I use them for almost 5 years already and I like their back end system. I also like the different payment options they offer to the merchants, despite the delays…I will get more specific with Zombaio as PSP in my next posts.

Epoch as PSP

I have been working with Epoch for over 14 years now. They have had their problems in the past, when many other PSPs went out of business, but they were able to survive.  Epoch has improved their customer service over the years a lot. Though they were never able to create a sophisticated management system. Its very hard to navigate around the management interface of their website. Lately they are trying to consolidate everything under epochstats.com. If you work with Epoch I would advise to use epochstats.com instead of their old system as hackers can exploit your account and charge huge amount of stolen credit cards. Last year I had a couple of sites using the old signup form links and got close to $10 000 of fake charges from Italy. Epoch management realized the problem and did not charge me any fees for refunding the money back. Also lately they have implemented an alert system for suspicious transactions and their team is able to catch fraud very quickly. Compared to CCBILL i think epoch has a better system of detecting the fraud right now. CCBILL have contacted me only ones for the last several years regarding fraud transaction and my charge back ratio with CCBILL is way higher.  This is an opening article regarding Epoch as PSP and I will post more info regarding their system. All these processors have pros and cons and my advise is to work at least with two of them simultaneously. I currently use three different PSPs, one of which is offshore.

Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard

This is a new category I am starting regarding the different payment types offered by the different Porn PSPs. In this case I had a visitor from Egypt, who had a prepaid Mastercard issued by Payoneer. His attempt to signup to one of my sites was declined by both Epoch and Zombaio. I am guessing that probably both processors have blocked Egypt for some reason. This particular site has not been approved by CCBILL, so I can not give you information if CCBILL blocks Egypt too. The other option is that Epoch and Zombaio may be blocking debit cards issued by Payoneer, though I think this is very unlikely. I will keep you posted regarding other credit/debit issues I encounter in the future.


After using FlexStats for 3 months I can say that if you need more detailed information for all kinds of transactions and periods, presented in charts this is the way to go. Though if you need a quick glance at your stats the old reporting system gives it to you imidiately. The other thing I noticed is that FlexStats does not get updated with the most recent transactions(last hour) as quickly as the old reporting system. I think that CCBILL will be constantly working to improve FlexStats, so I will keep you posted.

Ccbil admin FlexStats

Right after my previous post CCBILL changed their main admin page to reflect their new graphical reporting system FlexStats. I have posted a picture below. I personally do not like the new main page reporting, but they have left an option to switch back to the old page. I think it should be the other way around, the graphs should be an option. You can compare both views by looking into the picture of my previous post. The old page would give you way more detailed information right a way, including details about chargebacks, voids, affiliate sales. No need to click on additional buttons. If you need to graph it in order to create a presentation for a discussion then you can use the Flex Stats…CCBILL-main-flex

CCBILL Admin Main Page

In this post I will focus on the CCBILL admin interface, specifically the main page. As you can see from the picture below, everything is self explanatory. Each site has an assigned sub-account and if you need to manage settings for a specific site you have to select the sites from the list on top of the page. Once you select a sub account/website you can manage all parameters of the specific site: user administration, billing options, cross sells, affiliate program, forms admin, regional pricing…

Under the sub-account drop down menu is the main navigation of the site and the quick stats that shows information for the last two days, current week, the current month and year, including the affiliate sales, refunds, charge backs…BTW you can customize the way the admin page looks and what info to show in the quick stats… In the next posts I will focus on other aspects of the admin interface of CCBILL.

ccbill admin page view

ccbill admin page

CCBILL as porn PSP

CCBILL is my favorite PSP. Unfortunately they did not approve all my pay sites. I process with them for 10 years already and with exception of 2-3 times they have transferred my funds on time. I like CCBILL mostly because of their management system. Their CMS is the best compared to the other credit card processors I use. Their CMS is designed with great flexibility. Basically you can run a secure porn site business with multiple partners and affiliates and CCBILL insures that all of them get paid on time, directly by CCBILL. Their provide smart customizable join forms that detect the customer’s device and country of origin, offering the best possible payment option. there is a 24 hour customer support, including live chat. CCBILL constantly works on their CMS and improves it. In the next several articles I will focus on the different aspects of their admin interface options.

Offshore PSP vs Local PSP

During my 13 years of experience I have used around 10 different credit card and online check processors. Only two of them were offshore. one of them (based in London) bankrupted in year 2000. There were $40000 in the account. The other one I still use (Zombaio, which I think now is own by a company based in Cyprus). What I have discovered is that using an offshore processor is not as risky as it looks as far as this is not the only processor you are using. The advantages of using an offshore CC processor are the lower transaction fees and no VISA or MC yearly registration fees. The disadvantages are delay in payments, risk of bankruptcy, bad customer service. BTW these disadvantages are also valid for some local PSPs, for example iBILL, based in Florida bankrupted in 2001 and I lost around $3000.

The local (USA based) Payment Service Providers are larger and more stable companies. Their customer service is great and they send the payments on regular basis. The disadvantage is the way higher transaction fees.

Now all these different PSPs offshore or inshore have differences regarding the payment options they offer to your customers and the way they transfer your money to your account. I will cover these differences in another article.

Based on the security and reliability I would suggest that you start with a local PSP and expand later to an offshore one as a cascading billing option.

Porn PSP as a complete payment solution

In this post I will cover the option of using the PSP company as your complete payment solution for processing credit cards, online checks and telephone payments. I personally recommend this option for small scale porn site owners. processors like CCBILL for example offer a complete payment solution for your website, including an integrated Affiliate Program for free. They review your sites and if the sites are complaint you have to sign an agreement along with sending them a payment of $500, which would cover the VISA fess. As of 2013 you will also have to pay $500 for accepting Master Card. So the total annual fee would be $1000. Below I will list the advantages and disadvantages of using PSPs as CCBILL instead of your own merchant account:


1. Dealing with 1 company covering all your payment options.2. Free affiliate program. CCBILL sends the checks to your affiliates.
3. Ability to add your partners to CCBILL and split the revenue automatically.
4. Cross sells options with other sites using CCBILL.
5. Advanced management system offering all kinds of customizations including order formas and email notifications.
6. You can exceed 1% charge back ratio without getting your account closed.
7. Constantly trying to improve their system and add more payment options.
8. 24/7 customer service.


1. Higher processing cost.

In conclusion for small porn sites I recommend PSPs like CCBILL, Epoch or Zombaio. For larger high processing volume websites I recommend opening a merchant account as the saving of 10% would be enough to cover herring employees managing the different aspects of  the payment processing and even save extra money. Though it would be good to have an additional backup processor in case of a problem with the main one.

please feel free to comment in case I have missed something.