Epoch as PSP

I have been working with Epoch for over 14 years now. They have had their problems in the past, when many other PSPs went out of business, but they were able to survive.  Epoch has improved their customer service over the years a lot. Though they were never able to create a sophisticated management system. Its very hard to navigate around the management interface of their website. Lately they are trying to consolidate everything under epochstats.com. If you work with Epoch I would advise to use epochstats.com instead of their old system as hackers can exploit your account and charge huge amount of stolen credit cards. Last year I had a couple of sites using the old signup form links and got close to $10 000 of fake charges from Italy. Epoch management realized the problem and did not charge me any fees for refunding the money back. Also lately they have implemented an alert system for suspicious transactions and their team is able to catch fraud very quickly. Compared to CCBILL i think epoch has a better system of detecting the fraud right now. CCBILL have contacted me only ones for the last several years regarding fraud transaction and my charge back ratio with CCBILL is way higher.  This is an opening article regarding Epoch as PSP and I will post more info regarding their system. All these processors have pros and cons and my advise is to work at least with two of them simultaneously. I currently use three different PSPs, one of which is offshore.


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